Marshall’s Gold Mine Haul!

Sometimes you go to Marshall’s and you can’t find anything. Recently, I hit the gold mine for natural and organic body products. Of course, everything was purchased at a discounted price.


I’m all about Rosehip oil and I found this wonderful clay mask. 99% of the ingredients are all natural. $5.99.


I just love a good lavender body wash. This one also has chamomile in it. The scent is completely relaxing. $5.99.


Hemp and turmeric are extremely helpful if you have joint or muscle pain. Since I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, I try to use some form of hemp and turmeric every day. Soap is a great way to get herbs into your body because they enter through your pores. $3.99 each.



I’ve been meaning to try Hempz lotion. Found these for $10.99 each. They feel and smell great!


Jason products are fabulous. I can’t wait to try this Tea Tree body wash. $7.99


This straightening brush was all the rage …last year. Now that the price has dropped to only $14.99, I’ll try it out.


I really like the Body Shop’s body butter, but I never make it to the store. So I pick these up when I see them at Marshall’s. $5.99-$6.99


I came across this moringa tea with turmeric. You can never have too much turmeric tea. $3.99


I like to pick up snacks from Marshall’s. Who could pass up chocolate covered cashews? The HoneyBar quinoa and cranberry bars are gluten-free and delicious. I also bought the  180°snack packs with nuts and berries.


I purchased three Ahava products. Lavender body and hand lotions, and an aloe vera salt scrub. $3.99 to $8.99.



Marshall’s finally got my detox foot pads back in stock. I love these things. $4.99 each.


I found this Purity lab candle. It smells good but I plan to use the ceramic candle holder for votives since it matches the decor of my home. $2.99

Stay blessed.


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