DIY: Moisturize Your Hair…Naturally!

I’ve been using natural oils to moisturize my hair for years. I generally buy a pre-mixed bottle of oils from my beauty salon. Recently, I realized my hair was extremely dry.  I read the label on the bottle and discovered the ingredients had changed. The oils my hair loved were gone.

I decided to take control of my hair and create my own oil blend. In the long run, it’s cheaper and customized for me. Sit back and think about it. What does your hair like?


My hair thrives on avocado oil. It moisturizes my hair better than olive oil which is too heavy.  However, olive oil has some amazing benefits so I poured a small amount into my homemade blend.


Sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and apricot oil are also good for my hair. I added them as well.


I added several drops of peppermint and tea tree essential oils because they stimulate the scalp and help prevent dandruff.  You can scent the blend by including essential oils like lavender, orange, lemon, etc.


I have a bottle of Josie Moran’s 100% pure Argan oil. It’s a luxury purchase for my face. But my hair needs loving too, so I added a conservative amount to the oil blend.


I also put in several drops of pure Vitamin E because…why not?


I added some black castor oil. This brand has lavender in it so it will scent the oil blend. Black castor oil is very heavy, but it does wonders for your hairline and thin spots in the hair. I also rub my feet and shoulders with this every day. It relieves aches and pains, especially arthritis.


Speaking of coconut oil, I don’t add it to my oil blend because coconut hardens unless you use fractionated coconut oil. Instead of using oil sheen which is bad for the environment, I rub some coconut oil in my hair and it gives me all the shine I need.


Don’t limit your oil blend to your hair. It can be used on your face, cuticles, or all over your body. Be creative and make your own body oils as well by adding essential oils. Orange and vanilla would be nice. I hope you enjoy.

Stay blessed,



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