Sephora Play: January 2018 (late)

January was a busy month, and I didn’t get a chance to post about my Sephora Play bag. It’s late, but here’s a look at what I received in my monthly subscription delivery.


Clinique pep-start eye cream. I get eye creams nearly every month in my subscription bags and boxes. I’m going to give this to a friend to test out.


Alterna Haircare Caviar Anti-Aging shampoo and conditioner. I’m giving this away as well. I have a stockpile of shampoo and conditioner, and there’s no need to let samples go to waste.


Lancome CILS Booster XL Mascara Base. You apply this mascara primer before adding mascara. It’s supposed to make your lashes stand out. I’ll give it a try. My lashes need all the help they can get.


I’ve heard great things about Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer. This formula includes hyaluronic acid which is incredible for the skin.


This is another brand I’ve been wanting to test out. Glamglow Supercleanse has clay and charcoal in it along with eucalyptus, licorice root, and cumin.


I’m most excited about receiving  Fresh’s Rose Floral Toner. Fresh products are amazing, and I love spraying rose-water on my face. This should be a winner.

Stay blessed,




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  1. I’ve seen/heard a lot about that Clinique eye cream but never used it myself – i do use their all about eyes that i just reviewed on my blog, check it out!

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