Revlon Exactify Wheel Tip Eyeliner: Does It Work?


Revlon Colorstay Exactify Liquid Liner is the newest eyeliner from the popular makeup company. I’m desperately looking for a quick easy eyeliner. I’m tired of pencils that require sharpening. I also have bad eyesight, so I need something that doesn’t require a keen eye and a steady hand. I decided to give this eyeliner a try.


The tip has a wheel that’s designed to create a precision line and make a sharp winged look.


You dip the tip in the tube and apply the liner with the wheel applicator. Easy…well not for me.


Imagine this slippery wet liner on my eye. The wheel was hard to control, and I couldn’t see what I was doing. (You know I have poor eyesight.) When you add the fact that I have no experience with liquid liner, my test turned into a disaster. I made such a mess that I was too embarrassed to take pictures.

Mac has a similar liquid liner that sells for $21. The Revlon version sells for less than seven bucks. I’d suggest trying the cheap version first to test it out. Revlon says the eyeliner lasts 24 hours, but it wiped right off.

Stay blessed,



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