Plan For 2018: Stay Organized This Year!


I’m old-fashioned. I need to put pen to paper, so I love my Happy Planners. These planners are great because you can personalize them.


At the end of the year, you have a journal of your life.  I generally use about three to four planners and each one is important.


This is a small planner, I picked up from the Dollar Tree. I can slip it in my purse and there are blank pages in the back for notes and important information.


For 2018, I purchased two big Happy Planners. I’ll use one at work and one at home. The pages are removable for easy planning, and you can change the covers.


The planners come already decorated, so I don’t add a lot to my work planner.

I really like to personalize my home planner, by adding folders and dashboards. I use motivational quotes and stickers to add cheer to my planner. It’s really easy. I sit down and watch a movie while decorating the planner for the whole month. It relaxes me and gives me a creative outlet.


For 2018, I bought a budget planner. It’s great for setting savings goals, and I like the idea of keeping my budget information separate from my main planner.

I purchased my Happy Planners from Michael’s. If you don’t see what you like in the store, check them out online at They always have coupons, so I bought my  Happy Planners for 12 to 14 bucks each. Let me know, if you like to plan and what type of planners you use. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Stay blessed and Happy 2018,


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