Mega Winter Costco Haul Part 1: Healthy and Organic Food

I thought it might be interesting to show you what I buy at Costco. I love seeing what other people purchase because I discover new things. This is my huge winter haul. I stocked up on my staple items. Most of them were gluten-free and organic. Let is snow. I’m ready to make quick healthy meals at home.


This huge bag of frozen broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots will make an easy side dish, The gourmet heirloom tomatoes are fabulous snacks to eat at any time. Leave them at room temperature for the best flavor.  Organic salad mix and a bag of red, orange, and red bell peppers are great for meals and snacks. I bought a bag of avocados for homemade guacamole. I also got a 10-pound bag of red delicious. An apple a day…


Even though I’m sensitive to citrus,  these clementines have been a great snack for me. A quick burst of Vitamin C.


I love me some Brussel sprouts. They’re full of fiber, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K.


I purchased this 6-pack of Suja organic green juice for days when I need to get some extra nutrients into my system. I actually like the taste. Not too bitter.


These Balanced Breaks are great snacks for me to grab when I’m on the go or to eat for breakfast. You get 12 containers for $8.99


I loved this mix so much that I went back and bought a second bag. It has walnuts, cranberries, almonds, and pepitas. No sodium and it tastes delicious. I keep a bag to nibble on at work, and I make snack bags to take with me when I’m running around town.


This is a fabulous deal. 20 cups of hummus for about seven bucks. Great for dipping cucumbers, bell peppers, celery, etc.


This tomato basil soup is creamy and tasty. The package has two large containers of soup.


These are gluten-free but still a naughty treat. Potato skins loaded with cheese and bacon bits. They’re so darn good!


I got a carton of black beans because you can never ever have too many black beans. I also bought frozen organic Veggie Bowls with black beans, corn, and quinoa.


These bowls are perfect for lunch or dinner and packed with kale and carrots.


I can’t get enough of these salmon steaks. They’re wild caught and seasoned. Just pull the packet open and put the salmon in foil and toss in the oven. $18 for the box.


These Mediterranean style chicken skewers are yummy. A new favorite.


These sweet pickled beets are amazing. I add just a bit of salt to even out the sugary taste.  A staple in my house is Mateo’s gourmet salsa. It’s all natural and my absolute favorite. I bought a set of three Classico organic pasta bottles. You can never have too many bottles of pasta.


I restocked my seasonings.


This large jar of Better Than Bouillon was only $5.99 and it makes 76 servings. No need to have liquid broth. This is ready to go for all your recipes.


You gotta have this in the house. These huge bottles last forever.


I always get my extra virgin olive oil from Costco. I make my own herb infused olive oil with this. $16.99



I adore LaCroix carbonated water. I had to try these flavors: Blackberry cucumber, apple cranberry, and pink grapefruit. They are all incredible.


Lastly, I treated myself to a shrimp platter and a fruit bowl. The second part of my Costco Winter Haul is coming. You won’t believe the goodies I found.

Stay blessed,



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