Costco Winter Haul Part 2: Clothes, Shoes, and More


Let’s start with the necessities. I  must have Charmin. It’s just the best toilet tissue ever, so I picked up 36 jumbo rolls for $21.99.  I bought this 32 oz bottle of Mrs. Meyers cleaner for just  $5.99. Honeysuckle is my favorite scent, but they only had lemon verbena which is nice as well.


I’ve been wanting to try ECOS natural laundry detergent out. This was a great bargain $12.99 for more than 200 loads. I’ll let you know what I think about this.


I also bought a bulk box of Tylenol Arthritis for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. However, I have to take Omeprazole due to the side effects of Tylenol. Omeprazole which is the generic for Prilosec sells for $13.99 a box while Prilosec OTC is $26.99.


I’m already sick for the second time this season, so I bought this bulk box of Mucinex. 48 tablets for $23. These are 12-hour tablets so you only take two a day. Incredible deal.


This set is so comfortable. I love to wear these sets on a Sunday when I plan to do nothing but lounge around and watch Lifetime movies. $16.99


This Felina lounge set is my absolute favorite. I love this set so much I bought another set at in blue.



I also bought these Fila tennis shoes online. The shoes and lounge set were only $20 a piece.


These Carole Hochman lounge socks are incredibly soft and a great deal.  Each pack of four sets of socks is $6.99.

I picked up seven sweaters. I should preface this section with information about how I shop. Currently, I’m still having issues walking due to my ankle fusion operation and my rheumatoid arthritis. So when I make it to a store, I try to do one-stop shopping. That means if I like a product, I buy multiples.

So I found these Tommy Hilfiger classic pullover v-neck sweaters in gray, navy, and baby blue. They’re a light basket weave material and meet my requirement of reaching below the waist. I didn’t realize they were only $12.99 a piece until I got home. What a deal!

I purchased two of these Calvin Klein marbled sweaters in black and maroon. They were $19.99 each.


I bought this Kirkland (Costco brand) gray button-up cardigan. It’s a lightweight merino wool material with cute buttons. $15.


Costco has great active wear. I picked up this lightweight pullover with a zipper on the shoulder. It’s actually a pretty purple color. $15


My absolute best purchase is this Homedics cordless massager.

How do I describe this massager?  It actually feels like a masseuse is working on your body.


The nodules heat up and the massager can be placed anywhere on your body. It was on sale for $50 marked down from $70. It’s the perfect present for a loved one or yourself.

If you try any of the products or food items in this Mega Winter Haul, let me know. Also, let me know what I should try at Costco.

Merry Christmas!



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