Loreal Clay Mousse Cleanser & Mask Review


You can always rely on L’Oreal for fabulous face products.  I picked up the new Pure-Clay line. I chose the Red Algae clay to mousse cleanser which is good for exfoliation and refining.

Squeeze the clay cleanser into your hand, add water, and lather it into a mousse.


The red algae cleanser gently removes the skin. It feels soft and smooth not harsh like other scrubs.

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I purchased the cleanser at CVS for about $8. They also had a eucalyptus cleanser to purify and mattify. There was also a charcoal cleanser for detoxifying the skin and brightening.


I also picked up a 3 pure-clay mask with seaweed. This is designed to clear away stress and comfort the skin. It contains kaolin clay, Moroccan lava clay, and montmorillonite clay.


This mask smells amazing. While your skin is treated, your senses are delighted with calming scents. It’s an aromatherapy facial in a jar.

There were also pure clay red algae and charcoal masks. $13.00

Click this link Loreal Pure Clay Cleanser & Masks to read more about all of the masks available.

Stay blessed,



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