More Than a Wallet…


I bought this Dooney and Burke wallet to go with my new purse for my birthday. The purse is in the process of being exchanged after it turned out to be defective. You can read about that here: Birthday Treat Turned into a Disaster!


However, this Saffiano leather wrap around wallet worked out great. I chose the color natural and three months later it still looks new. Saffiano is a textured and durable leather that can take a beating. I bought the wrap around wallet to organize my purse after I realized my old wallet wasn’t doing the job.

I was using a Brahmin checkbook wallet. For some reason, I felt the need to carry a checkbook with me. I didn’t have enough room in the wallet for receipts, business cards, or coupons.


I chose this pecan color to go with my Brahmin Asher purse which I love. Also, the wallet is a neutral color that I wore with other purses because I can’t afford to buy a wallet to go with every purse I get.  If you haven’t heard about Brahmin check them out Brahmin Handbags. These purses are stunning! Right now, Brahmin and D&B are my two favorite purse lines.


Back to the zip around D&B wallet.  It’s thicker than a continental wallet but not too thick. It measures 8-1/4″W x 4-1/4″H x 1″D which is wide enough to toss a lipgloss in and maybe a smaller phone. It’s a tight fit for my Galaxy.


The strap has a 6-inch drop and is detachable. I love the small details like the braided pull on the zipper.


There’s a zip pocket for change and spare keys. There’s an area for bills. I tuck important receipts, medical information, and coupons in the areas closest to the credit card slots.

Back in September, I purchased the wallet from QVC for $138. The wallets are sold out on QVC except for the color marine. However, I found them marked down to $79 to $104 on I Love Dooney. They have five colors left: tomato, camel, burnt orange, taupe, and ivy which would make great Christmas gifts.

Stay blessed,






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