Bath & Body Works: New Winter Scents & Old Classics

This has been the best year ever for Bath & Body Works scents. They have some new winter scents that I just couldn’t resist.


I took one whiff of Coconut Mint Drop and had to buy it. This is a new winter scent with hints of white coconut, iced peppermint, and winter musk. It smells so amazing that I had to buy the shower gel, body cream, and body mist.


Another new scent is Snowy Morning which has hints of frosted Bergamot, mistletoe berry, and snow-kissed lavender. This is a perfect winter aroma. It’s very addictive.


Winter Candy Apple is one of my favorite traditional scents so I picked it up.


Another classic scent is Vanilla Bean Noel super soft body butter. This year there is new packaging, and when I opened the top it looked like vanilla icing. It smells incredible with hints of fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel, sugar cookies, whipped cream, and snow-kissed musk.


Lastly, I picked up a new candle scent called Hey Honey. It has notes of warm poached pear, buttery caramel, and honey nectar. This candle smells simply delicious.

Stay blessed,










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