October Favorites

October was a fabulous month for beauty and bath products. I found some gems that I will be repurchasing. Let’s get started.



This new addition to the Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy line does exactly what it says…relieves stress. This oil cleanser with spearmint and eucalyptus is nice to shower with before going to bed.


These Tiger Balm pain relieving patches are amazing. Easy, convenient, and effective.


I’m in love with the Fenty Beauty Match Shimmer Stix. Pictured above are Trippin and Chili Mango, but I also love Sinamon. I will be doing a full blog piece on Fenty Beauty soon.


I received a sample of Lavanila perfume in one of my subscription box. It has notes of Madagascar vanilla, tonka bean, and goji berry. It smells so good that I’ve already used up the sample. I will buy the perfume and try some other products. Here’s a link to the website Lavanila.



I don’t know how I lived without this Morphe M439 brush. I use it for my Fenty foundation, and it leaves my skin flawless. You can buy it at Ulta or Morphe.com.



This is a great probiotic. It has helped my digestive issues but since it’s only 5 billion capsule, it’s not too strong.


This is my first Dr. Bronner’s  pure castile soap purchase and I’m loving it. This is Hemp Peppermint which is very refreshing. Hemp oil is also good for arthritis and sore joints.



Currently, this re:p Bio Fresh Mask is my favorite mask. I received a sample in my September Ipsy Bag. You can buy this mask and loads of other masks on Sokoglam. I plan on trying the strawberry jam mask as well.



This fall, Bath & Body Works introduced their Coco Shea Cucumber line. It’s amazing. The lotion has aloe vera in it and leaves your skin baby soft. The cucumber refreshing mist has shea butter and cucumber water in it. Perfect for the face and all over. And the aroma….heaven.


GeLlusion in the color Virgo. Need I say more. You can buy this color and other stunning colors on this link: GeLlusion Nail Color for $11.

Let’s take a moment to admire some of the colors.



Yes. They’re real. You didn’t dream it. I will be buying all of them.

Stay blessed,



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