Morphe Makeup Brushes: Inexpensive and High-Quality

I used to be all about having the right makeup brushes. Sable, synthetic, high-end. I had to have the right brush to create the right look. That was years ago. Life takes over and you just sort go with what’s affordable. As long as it seems to get the job done, I used it.


I recently picked up these Isabella brushes at Marshall’s for less than ten bucks and they were decent. That is until I got my hands on Morphe brushes at Ulta when I purchased my Jaclyn Hill Makeup Palette.


Morphe is the same company that makes the palette, and I’d been planning to try their brushes. Since they were right there, I bought some.


It wasn’t until I got home that I realized how great these brushes are. The weight of the handles and the construction of the brushes are high quality. There are natural hair and synthetic bristles. These brushes cost a fraction of MAC brushes and in my opinion, they’re much better.


This Morphe M439 is a favorite on Youtube. It’s heavy and has dense bristles. I use it to buff on my Fenty foundation and I love it. I get a flawless finish. It was only $10.99 at Ulta. It’s normally $14.00 on

I loved the brushes so much that I placed an order online. Here are the brushes I chose after doing research on Youtube University. I also went through my makeup routine and thought about what brushes I needed to really get the looks I wanted with ease.


M501-Pointer Blender Brush is a popular must-have highlighter brush. It glides highlighter on the skin to make it glow and shimmer. $8


I purchased the E4-Angle contour brush (on the right) which is similar to the Fenty contour brush but much cheaper. The Morphe brush is $14 while the Fenty brush is $32. This brush can be used for blush, contour, and powder. I use this as a blush brush and it’s incredible.


R10 -Deluxed Tapered Powder brush. I purchased this for contouring. It’s a little more pricey but I needed something that really blends out contour well and this brush is perfect. $15.



Morphe M301 Large Fan Brush. This is great for sweeping on an intense highlight. $5

I have small hooded eyes, so I got brushes that work well for small eyelids. These brushes are also great for precision if you like a cut crease or a sharp outer V.


M433-Pro-Firm Blending Bluff brush. This is comparable to the MAC 217 blending brush but it costs $6 while the 217 costs $25. Buy multiples of this brush. It works on every eye shape.


M441 Pro Firm Blending Crease. This is a must-have brush. $6


M432-Flat Liner Definer. Good for smudging eyeliner on bottom lower eyelash line. $4


G15=Small Oval Shader. Pack color on a small lid or in tight areas. $4


M173-Mini Buffer brush. I chose this brush to put primer, concealer, or eyeshadow cream on my eyelids to give me a nice smooth base. $5


bullet crease

M321 Bullet Crease. $3


M222 Round Crease for windshield wiping and circular motions. $3

pointed blender

M412-Deluxe Pointed Blender brush. $6


M169 Round Crease brush for outer V and crease. $2


B35-Badger Angle Eyebrow brush. $2


M167 Oval Shadow Brush. This is an extremely popular brush that’s great for packing on eyeshadow. This is a very popular brush. $5

You can get some of these brushes in sets which is much cheaper. But I wanted to choose each one of my brushes so that I didn’t have useless brushes which often happens when you buy a set.

Here are some of the videos I used for my research.

Jaclyn Hill’s Favorite Morphe Brushes

Alissa Ashley’s Morphe Brushes Bootcamp

Patrick Starr’s Morphe Brush Favorites

All of these Youtubers have discount codes, please use them to save 10%. I will be adding to my collection, and I’ll keep you updated. I’ll also do a full review of the brushes.

Stay Blessed,





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  1. You picked some amazing brushes I think I’m going to be placing a new order soon with morphe! I love my m439 brush as well!


    1. I love these brushes. I just don’t know how to use them all yet. LOL.


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