Birchbox October 2017

This was a traditional month for Birchbox. I liked the products I received, but nothing blew me away. I pay ten bucks a month and get the opportunity to try products that I normally would never know about. Most of them I like.

Here are this month’s goodies.


Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream. It contains hyaluronic acid, cucumber, and witch hazel. These are ingredients that I love to use in my beauty routine. Full-size $29


davroe Luxe Leave-in hair masque.  I’ve used this hair care line before and it does a fabulous job. Full-size $29


Avene Rehydrating Serum. Avene is a well-known high-end brand that caters to sensitive skin. I will definitely test out this serum. Full-size $38


The Beauty Crop Glow-Milk Liquid Highlighter. I thought this was a trial size of gold nail polish until I read the description card. I’ve never used a highlighter like this. It’s light, sheer, and disappeared after a few minutes. It was a fail for me. Full-size $19.50.


How can you go wrong with vanilla? This Lavanila perfume smells amazing. It has notes of Madagascar vanilla, tonka bean, and goji berry. Yummy. Full-size $48.

Stay blessed,


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