The Jaclyn Hill Palette-Is it Worth the Money?

I’m all about matte eyeshadows this season, but they’re not on trend. All I wanted was a nice forest green color which looks great on brown eyes. For the last month, I’ve searched online and canvassed the makeup stores, but I hadn’t been able to find a matte deep green eyeshadow.  I was wrapping up a disappointing trip at Ulta when I saw this…SAM_3814

Jaclyn Hill is a famous Youtube makeup guru who collaborated with Morphe to create this palette.

Take a look at these gorgeous looks.


As you can see, I found my matte green eyeshadow. The color is called Enchanted. It’s the fourth color from the left on the bottom row. The palette originally came out in June and sold out in one day. Now, it’s finally back in stock, but it’s already selling out. There were only three left at Ulta.


It’s rare that I’d use every color in a palette but I will use all 35 in this palette. You have a nice combination of matte colors and iridescence. You can do daytime looks, nighttime looks, and high glam.



I would never to think to buy these neutral matte shades by themselves, but they will look great under the eyebrow bone or as transitional colors.



This palette costs $38 and is well worth it. My favorite colors are Enchanted, Hunts, Queen, Diva, Twerk, Royalty, Hustle, Meeks, Butter, 24/7, and Cranapple. Heck, I love just about all of the colors. The deep colors: Central Park, Soda Pop, and Abyss work for all skin colors.

The Jaclyn Hill Palette will be available online at Ulta starting on October 22nd.

Stay Blessed,




4 Comments Add yours

  1. I recently just bought my palette and it has been perfect definitely worth every penny!


    1. It really is. I’m all about palettes this year.


  2. askashley330 says:

    I just ordered mine on the Ulta App this morning! Today was the first day it was available online, can’t wait to try all the colors! Thanks for the review 🙂


    1. You’re welcome. I hope you like it.


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