Bahama Mama Sausages, Grilled Onions, and Pickled Cabbage and Beets

If you live in the Columbus (Ohio) area, you’ve probably been to Schmidt’s in German Village. They make world-renowned German sausages that have been featured on the Man v Food show.


I came across a package of Schmidt’s Bahama Mama sausages at the store, and decided to make myself a home-made German meal.


1 package of Bahama Mama sausages (They come fully cooked.)

1 large red onion

Garlic powder, fresh ground black pepper, Adobo, and sea salt


Slice and grill red onions and add seasonings. Remove onions from pan and add sausage. Let the sausage heat thoroughly and put the onions back in the pan to cook for a few more minutes.


I bought this jar of white cabbage and beet salad from Big Lots for a side dish.


Schmidt’s usually serves the sausage on a bun with red cabbage, sauerkraut, and German potato salad.  I rarely eat bread at home, so I just have the sausage, onions, cabbage and beet salad, and seasoned fries.

You can add a spicy mustard, hot sauce, or barbecue sauce on top of the sausages with provolone cheese. So good.

Stay blessed,



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