Pinching Pennies: Cheap Candles that Smell Great!


I’m obsessed with fall Bath and Body Works candles. The company has the BEST pumpkin scents. However, the candles are expensive even when they’re on sale. I’ve discovered a way to supplement my BBW candle addiction with other brands.


I made a major discovery at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet: Aromance candles by Hanna’s candle company. I was first attracted by the engraved glass jars and then I took a whiff of Summer Party scent. It was magical. I bought it, burned it at home, and returned to the store for six more candles a few days later. It smelled that good.

These candles are soy based and made in the USA. In addition to Summer Party, I purchased Echinacea, Rustic Retreat, Sunflower, Garden Rain which all smell strong and uniquely amazing. However, my favorite is Echinacea.  These candles were $2.50 for 7.5 ounces at Ollie’s. I love them so much that I found them on the internet Aromance Candles.

I don’t see the scents I purchased on the list, so they’re probably discontinued. But there are plenty more.

Stay blessed,