My Favorite Soaps

I have sensitive skin and prefer to use all natural soaps whenever possible. It can get very expensive with some soaps costing as high as $8 a bar. I’m always looking for a bargain, and here are some of my favorites.


I’m a big fan of black soap and always keep several bars in the house as well as liquid versions of it. Here’s a previous post: The Magic of black soap.  I purchase the Madina black seed soap on Amazon for $5.99 a bar. The Nubian soap is sold everywhere, but I get it for $1.99 at Marshall’s. It usually retails for $4. I also use Tea tree oil soap which you can get at most health food stores.


I’ve written about this soap before. Shuga Soapworks is one of my favorites. It’s all natural and has an incredible moisturizing lather.  I buy it from The Dollar Tree for one buck.



This Mexican cocoa soap smells heavenly. It has cinnamon and clove in it and has a sweet flowery scent.


This is a staple soap: Nubian Indian hemp and Haitian vetiver. This soap has shea butter and neem oil. I purchased this and the Mexican cocoa soap from Marshall’s at a discounted price of $2.99.


Lastly, I always keep Dial antibacterial soap in the shower. It’s not all natural, but it completely cleans the skin of dirt and bacteria, so I like to use it several times a week to get my skin squeaky clean. I got this 3-pack at Ollie’s discount store for $1.40.

Stay blessed,



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