September Favorites


I quench my thirst with two things: ice tea and water. Arizona is my favorite tea, but if Tradewinds is on sale, it’s a good substitute. I just discovered Alkaline water. It’s refreshing yet it gives me so much energy. Here’s some good information on it: Alkaline water Benefits.



These Global Beauty cucumber pads lighten the darkness around my eyes and are a nice relaxing treat after a hard day. (Marshall’s, $2.99)


Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser is an exfoliant that is gentle enough to use daily and it doesn’t dry my skin. I received this sample in a subscription box. A full-size tube is $23.


Lakur nail polish in the color Brit of Love. This soft salmon pink color looks gorgeous on both your fingernails and toenails. It’s definitely my favorite pink polish.


I had forgotten how great these Aveeno clear complexion pads are until I recently saw them in the store. Somehow, I’d stopped buying them. The pads are textured to exfoliate, and they have a foaming cleanser in them. Great for washing off your makeup quickly and thoroughly. ($6, available everywhere)


I’m living for the new Bath & Body Works Coco Shea Cucumber Mist. The scent is intoxicating, and it’s great for spraying on your face and body as a quick refresher throughout the day.


I made good use of my cocoa butter stick this month. I used it on my old scars and some new ones and they look better after just a few weeks.


My favorite item of the month is this Shea Moisture Facial Wash and Scrub. The shea butter based scrub is moisturizing and feels amazing on my skin. (4 fluid ounces,  $4.99 at Marshall’s

Stay blessed,



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