FabFitFun Box Fall 2017

My FabFitFun fall delivery has arrived and it’s one of the best boxes I’ve received from them. The subscription box comes out four times a year: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Each box costs $49.95, but it’s worth it. I received nearly $400 worth of makeup and products.


Each box comes with a FabFitFun magazine that’s loaded with information. It features articles on all the products and how to use them. There are recipes and interviews with celebrities. It’s actually a good read.

SAM_3633 This Trestique lip crayon has a matte color on one end and a balm on the other.


The top color is Syrah and the bottom is Tuscan Rose. $28 for the lip crayon. That’s pricey.


Coxet Wire Heart Ceramic Jewelry Holder.  The top portion is a rose gold color and the bottom is porcelain. Nice. $33


I’m excited to try this. This is charcoal whitening toothpaste with a toothbrush.


Looks interesting. We’ll see if it works. I may do a blog on it. The set costs $43.95


I’ve already tried this lavender cuticle oil and it smells wonderful. $12.50


I really like this hot/cold gel pack by Mytagalongs. The material is comfortable on the skin and easy to clean. $15


This Jetset Diaries cable knit beanie is so soft. I can’t wait to wear it in the winter. $49


Yes. I  hit the jackpot with this Whish Beauty mud mask. Whish products are amazing. This mask costs $48.


Here’s my inspiration to hit the gym. This denim bag by Private Party. Isn’t it cute? $59


And my favorite item is this Mer-sea cozy wrap scarf in the color Teal Ombre.


You can wear it on a chilly fall day, lounge around the house in it, or you can use it as a throw. $98

Stay blessed,



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