Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Line-Wow!!

I was hesitant when I heard about Rihanna’s new makeup line. I don’t know why because I love her Mac products. I went to Sephora to check it out, and my world changed. Okay, my world didn’t change, but it did start to spin a little.


Fenty is not a complete line yet. There aren’t any face powders. There’s only one lipgloss. No real eyeshadows. I suspect the line will be expanded, but what’s available now is nothing short of amazing. The products are heavily pigmented. The textures are amazing.  There aren’t any parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. It’s also cruelty-free. This is an inclusive beauty line that caters to all skin tones, and it’s affordable.


I love the Glass Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer. It’s called, Fenty Glow which is a nude shimmering rose color that compliments every skin tone…and it works.


The applicator is oversized and soft. The lipgloss has a peach-vanilla scent. The price is $18 for .30 oz.


This is the  Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo in the colors Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule. This is a cream powder that can be used anywhere on the face or collarbone. I used this as an eyeshadow, highlighter, and blush. $34 for the compact.


I was completely intrigued by this next product: the Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks. These are cream to powder blendable colors that can be used as blush, highlighters, eyeshadows, bronzers, etc. I never ever use cream blushes or eyeshadows, but this formula changed my mind. It blends and melts into your skin.


I got the color Trippin which is described as a golden glazed apricot. When the makeup artist swiped this on me, I was in awe. It just had to be bought.


The next purchase was a Mango Chili stick which is described as a sun-kissed orange sheen. This is the most stunning color in the collection to me. I purchased it, and I may have to get a backup. I’ve looked for a color like this for years. I mean years and now I have it. These sticks are $25 a piece.


Check out the packaging. The soft pale pink contrasts with the sharp lines of the octagon shape. The Match sticks are magnetized. You can buy all of them and set them together.



I was confused while I was in Sephora but I’ve done more research, and I’m going back for the Match Stix Trio in the color Deep 400. The trio set includes a concealer, highlighter, and contour. I didn’t realize until I got home how important this set is to “snatching” your face. (Thanks to Youtube.)

Sinamon is the highlighter, and Expresso is the contour. Suede is the concealer. It’s a bargain to buy the trio because the Skinsticks are $25 a piece. You get the set for $54.


Fenty has forty shades of foundation. FORTY.  My color is 420 which is almost an exact match for my current foundation, Nars tinted moisturizer in Martinique Medium/Dark 3.


I was out of foundation, so I almost bought the Fenty, but it doesn’t have sunscreen. I decided to stick with Nars because it has SPF 30 and I like light coverage. However, I think I will eventually buy the Fenty because it looks amazing on everyone I’ve seen wearing it. By the way, the Fenty foundation is $34 while Nars costs $42. I like that Rihanna made the line affordable.

I also plan to buy the popular Trophy Wife highlighter ($34) and the cheek-hugging highlighter brush ($32).

Just a side note, since it’s my birthday month, I qualified for a free gift from Sephora. I chose the Caudalie moisturizer and serum set.


Stay blessed,





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  1. Julia - The Honey House says:

    I love this line all of it looks amazing


    1. I have a few more products to get and then I’m going to do a review. So far I’m loving the line.

      Liked by 1 person

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