My Favorite Snacks

Since I follow the Mediterranean Diet Food Pyramid, snacks are typically nuts, fruits, and vegetables. That can get boring after a while so I’ve come up with new ways to make my snacks tasty and unique. Of course, they’re all gluten-free.


I start my week off with strawberries, grapes and hard-boiled eggs prepped and ready to go. I usually have the hard-boiled egg after my morning smoothie, and then I munch on some fruit before lunch or afterward for a dessert.



Sometimes my morning consists of a hard-boiled egg and trail mix. I like these pre-packaged ones from Trader Joe’s. You get ten packs of trail mix for $6.  I also like to have hummus on rice cakes as a snack as well. (Sorry, no pictures.)


I like to prepare some of my snacks over the weekend if possible, so they’re ready to grab. Here I have cherry tomatoes, radish, cucumber, olives, and jicama. I’ve sprinkled Mrs. Dash seasoning on top. Of course, I have my grapes. So delicious.


Here are some more veggie combos. Yummy and crunchy.


Vanilla yogurt and granola are big parts of my life. I’ve taken some yogurt and sprinkled vanilla, honey and almond granola on top. Added some chocolate covered coconut chips and cashews. Darn good is all I can say.


Vanilla yogurt, granola, chocolate coconut chips and fresh blueberries. One of my favorites.


For some reason, I can’t make myself eat enough apples. So I came up with this treat. Cut up apple of your choice and add peanuts, coconut chips, and cacao nibs. This almost tastes like a chocolate covered apple to me since chocolate is made from cacao.


This snack is what I purchase as a rare treat. These Goodie Girl Midnight Treat cookies are gluten-free but addictive and hard to put down. I’ve only been able to find these at Home Goods. Thank goodness.


I love jerky and this Korean barbecue pork jerky is some of the best I’ve ever tasted. The pieces are huge and moist and seasoned just right. I love this with cantaloupe or anytime I want a piece of protein. I buy these at Costco for around $12 a package. They also have Teriyaki beef but this is my favorite.


My favorite snack of all is my homemade chocolate smoothie. Click here Cocoa and Nut Smoothie for the recipe. This is simply divine and will satisfy your chocolate cravings. To kick it up a notch, simply replace the cacao nibs with cacao powder and the chocolate taste will be out of this world.

Let me know if you try some of this snacks or if you have snacks you’d like to share.

Stay blessed,



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