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Build a Salad from Leftovers

While most people go out to eat or order pizza for dinner on Fridays, I try to clean out my refrigerator. Either I make a buffet from leftovers, use up veggies by making a stir-fry, or create a salad with whatever ingredients I can find. Here’s what I used for this salad, but you can use what you have available.


Leftover iceberg lettuce

1 avocado

Leftover baked tilapia

Colby Jack cheese

Black Olives



Green onions


Seasonings: Mrs. Dash no salt seasonings, ground black pepper, sea salt,

Salad dressing: Garlic Infused Olive Oil and lime juice.


Stay blessed,



I'm a Midwesterner who explores the world via the Internet, books, and movies. I share what I learn whether its beauty tips, health advice, recipes or literature. I'd call this blog a melting pot. I named it Barbie's Bookmarks because I love literature, and I love documenting things I find important in my life.. big and small. Thus, these are my life's bookmarks. I look forward to sharing them with you and learning about your bookmarks as well.

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