Healthy Food Haul Hits and Misses

Here’s a quick wrap of healthy products I found around town. Basically, I go where the sales are to get the best deals. Let’s start with Marshall’s.


This coconut water was $2.99 a container. I usually pay $4.00 for each so I bought two.


My absolute favorite treats are these dark chocolate coconuts chips. I toss them on top of vanilla yogurt or eat them as a snack. These pomegranate gummy bears are gluten-free and taste just like normal gummy bears. The coconut chips and gummy bears sell for $2.99 a bag.


These Goodie Girl cookies are so yummy. They’re gluten-free but they’re not low-fat. Great on yogurt or by themselves. Just $2.79 a bag. These are my favorites.


These nut and rice clusters are a nice afternoon treat. They’re low-calorie and full of good stuff. A little pricey at $6.99 a bag.

This raw cacao powder was only $5.99 a bag which is about four to five bucks cheaper than at other stores. Chocolate is made from cacao so it’s a great way to add a chocolate taste to smoothies and baked goods. I also found a small bag of goji berries for $2.50 which is a great price since they’re expensive.


Lastly, I needed fresh ground pepper so I picked this grinder for $5.99. I was really pleased with the taste of the peppercorns.


Moving on to Costco. They finally got their Himalayan pink salt back in stock.  It costs less than four dollars.


This is the best salsa in the world. It has a little kick but it’s not too spicy. It’s all natural and I use it on taco salads, with chips, and even on top of omelets. $5.99 a jar at Costco.


I stopped by Fresh Thyme Market for my 48 oz bottle of GT’s Trilogy Kombucha tea for only $7.49. I usually have to pay $3.30 for the smaller bottles which adds up. I’ve learned to stop by the store before the weekend. I got this on a Thursday and it was the last one.


I’ve also switched from using almond milk to coconut milk. There is far less sodium in coconut milk than almond milk, so it’s better for people who have high blood pressure.


You always want to check to make sure that your dairy and meat products are carrageenan-free. Carrageenan is red seaweed used to preserve food, meat, and other food products. It can cause severe digestive issues.


Moving on to ALDI’s. I used to love this non-fat yogurt. It’s low-calorie and tastes great and it only costs $1.89 for a large container. It was a must have that I’ve repurchased several times. That is until I read the label and found this…


I don’t know how this got by me, but the darn yogurt has carrageenan in it. So I guess I’ll have to shell out the extra money and pay $4.00 a container for carrageenan-free yogurt. Darn.


I did have some success at ALDIs. This 8 oz bag of mixed nuts was only $4.99.


I found a something new at Meijer. Gluten-free lasagna cut pasta for only $1.99 a bag. I’ve been looking for pasta that I can use in a tuna casserole or chicken noodle soup. I’ll  be sure to share some recipes and let you know how the noodles taste.SAM_2466

Lastly, I want to show how I store my goodies. I hate the cluttered look of store packages and containers. So I keep my food items in glass containers. I get these from the Dollar Tree for a buck a piece. I can immediately see what I’ve left and repurchase before I run out.

I also use mason jars to store beans, rice, and even spices. Click Mason Jars Storage to learn more.

Stay blessed,





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