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Skin & Body Must Haves

I have a list of products that I always keep on hand. Normally, I purchase them online but now I can find them locally at discount places. Marshall’s has really stepped up its natural skin care inventory.sam_1959

I always keep pure tea tree oil on hand. It’s a great antifungal and antibacterial oil which can be used for toe fungus, acne, skin tags and even bad breath.

I was surprised and pleased to find some of my favorite soap brands at Marshall’s at a discounted price. Nubian’s Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver soap smells amazing and has crushed hemp seeds to exfoliate the skin. There’s also Neem oil in it which is great for skin disorders.

Speaking of neem soap, I discovered  Auromere Ayurvedic soap and Chandrika. I use these soaps for my face, and I’ve previously only been able to find them online. Now, I can pick them up locally.


I found these Earth Therapeutics gel booties. These socks are lined with a cooling and moisturizing gel. They are simply the most delightful thing you could place on your feet. I bought them at Steinmart for $14. The booties can be hand-washed and worn over and over again.

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I'm a Midwesterner who explores the world via the Internet, books, and movies. I share what I learn whether its beauty tips, health advice, recipes or literature. I'd call this blog a melting pot. I named it Barbie's Bookmarks because I love literature, and I love documenting things I find important in my life.. big and small. Thus, these are my life's bookmarks. I look forward to sharing them with you and learning about your bookmarks as well.

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