Two-Week Grocery Haul-Gluten Free

(Sorry, I’m posting this late. I actually did this haul two weeks ago and this week I’m doing something called Purge Week which I’ll post today as well.)

I follow the Mediterranean food pyramid which is a plant-based diet that includes fish, poultry, and meat in moderation. I also try to eat gluten-free products as you know by now. So far, I’ve been losing weight and I feel healthier but to be honest, shopping can be a pain. I try to do a major haul every two weeks and then pick up fruits and veggies as I need them. I usually go to several grocery stores over a two day period to find the best deals.



My first stop is usually Aldi’s to check out their deals. This week, I picked up several things from their gluten-free line called LiveGfree. So far, everything I’ve had from this line has been tasty and the prices are fantastic.


Corn tortillas are gluten-free but you have to read the ingredients list to make sure no wheat products have been added. To be safe, I bought these brown rice tortillas from the health food store. This way I can make tacos and burritos.


I picked up a few items from Target. Shrimp, all natural cocoa, and cashews.


A store called Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market just opened near me and I’ve been loving it. It carries a lot of bulk items such as granola, nuts, and dried fruits. It also has loads of specialty health items that are unavailable at regular grocery stores. As you can see above, they have a lot of gluten-free, packaged foods. The items aren’t cheap, I paid five bucks for a small box of gluten-free nuggets and six dollars for the gluten-free pizza on sale. But they’re quick items everyone needs in the freezer. By the way, they were both delicious.

Fresh Thyme flags their gluten-free items which make shopping much easier. No squinting at labels. Just grab and go.



I’ve also started buying my fish and poultry from Fresh Thyme because it’s all-natural and doesn’t contain carrageenan (as far as I know)  which is a red seaweed used as a preservative. It’s also found in almond or soy milk and nutritional drinks and can irritate the stomach.


The store usually has a sale on the kombucha or probiotic drinks. They have a variety of teas. This cup of calm rocks me right to sleep at night. They also distribute honey at the store and I love picking up their honey sticks which come in caramel, chocolate, strawberry, grape, cherry, lemonade and other flavors.


Every haul, I pick up fresh herbs and standard items like these sun-dried tomatoes which were prepackaged and ready to go. There’s usually a sale on bulk bin items such as these pumpkin seeds. I stock up and store them in glass jars like the one  pictured here that I purchased at the Dollar Tree.


Of course, I have to stock up on fruits and vegetables since my diet is plant based.


Which led me to Giant Eagle to get okra for a stew, and I found a good deal on even more fruit.


My last stop was at a Mexican market to pick up items for a dish I planned to make.  So that’s pretty much what my two-week haul looks like. I prepare a meal plan for two weeks. I have frozen bananas for smoothies so I didn’t pick them up this week, and I had plenty of salad, potatoes, onions, green peppers, and yogurt. I shop my refrigerator and freezer before I go to the grocery store so thatI’m only buying what I need and don’t waste.

Do you have any shopping tips? Please let me know. I’ve loved grocery shopping since I was a child, and I’m always looking for new ways to save money and shop more efficiently.

Stay blessed,




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