DIY-Flying Reindeer Pictures


I found these festive reindeer at the Dollar Tree or DT as I call it. I knew I wanted to do something special with them…and here’s what I did.


I bought some gift wrapping paper and foam poster board from the DT. (Of course, everything there costs a dollar.)

I used glue dots to secure the gift wrapping paper to the foam poster board.


I used poster board adhesive to secure the reindeer to the plaid paper. You could also use a hot glue gun or glue dots. I spent five bucks at DT for everything. Not bad for this incredible look.


Since I was on a roll, I made another picture. This time I used some stringed sequins around the reindeer’s neck. If you don’t want to use gift wrapping paper, you could purchase some fabric and adhere it to the poster board and then attach the reindeer. Or you could pick up some colored posterboard, maybe black or hunter green, and glue your reindeer on it.

I have some more easy and cheap DIYs coming soon.

Stay Blessed,







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  1. spudbudette says:

    VERY nice and VERY affordable. Blessings!


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