Big Christmas Decor Haul-Dollar Tree

For the past two months, I’ve been obsessed with the Dollar Tree or DT as I lovingly call the store. I’ve always been a customer, but I never realized how many fabulous holiday items they have. Youtube introduced me to a whole new world and now I’m addicted. I had to travel to three different Dollar Tree stores over the last month– but I found some great Christmas goodies. Remember that each item costs one buck.



Aren’t these gift bags adorable?


I’ve always purchased by gift bags from the Dollar Tree, but I used them for just that…gifts. Now, I know they can be used for decorating, planner covers and more. I’ve got big plans for these bags.


These gift bags were two for a dollar, and they’re perfect for small items like mugs filled with candy. A nice gift for a teacher or a hair stylist.


These Christmas cards are gorgeous…just gorgeous.


This is my favorite. I’ve got special plans for this one. I’ll give you a hint.


Picture Frames. Hmm. Don’t worry. I’ll post it when I’m done. BTW, the frames are from DT.


These glasses are part of a holiday dinnerware set. The glasses are nice and heavy. I put cranberry-scented candles inside to give them a little elegance.


I put a LED flameless tea light in this cream-colored candle holder and picked up a couple of snowmen lights. The lights come two in a bag and last 120 hours each.


It took me weeks to find this steeple church and the reindeer. I should have grabbed more. Don’t know what I was thinking. I’ll go back for more but I bet DT is sold out.


These pieces are adorable. They have some weight to them but the craftsmanship could use some work. I still love them.


Here are more DT items except for  the short Christmas tree in the back. It’s fromTarget and costs less than six dollars. It has a LED pack and lights up. Nice for a bookshelf.


These will bring cheer to a door or a wall.


I hunted and hunted for these deer…and now they’re mine. I’ve got some DIYs planned.


These are great pieces for your home or the office. The iridescent green wreath is amazing in person.

I urge you to check out your Dollar Tree because many of these items may still be on the shelves.

Until next time, stay blessed.














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