Plan With Me: Happy Planner-Thanksgiving Week


It’s the week of Thanksgiving, and I decided to do something special with my Happy Planner.  I thought it would be nice to do a special layout to commemorate the holiday.



I was forced to be creative this month because I didn’t have any Thanksgiving stickers. I didn’t purchase my MAMBI (Me and My Big Ideas) 16-month Happy Planner until late October and by that time, the best Thanksgiving stickers were pretty much sold out. Lesson learned. Buy your holiday stickers several months early.


I added color to the white boxes by cutting decorative stock paper and gluing it on the planner. I used three designs: reddish-orange with flowers; brown with flowers; and a brick orange graph paper. I lined the boxes with polka dot washi tape, and added leaf stickers to give the layout a seasonal flair. The two quote boxes were cut from Thanksgiving cards.  There’s no limit to how creative you can be when designing your layout.


I did something a little different this week by adding a card to the planner. (This is actually the bottom portion of a Thanksgiving card.)  I did this for two reasons. It gives the planner a polished look.


The second reason is practical. The back of the card is blank which gives me additional writing space for unexpected events or appointments. In order to make the card fit into the planner, simply line the card up and mark where the holes need to be. Use a hole puncher to make the holes, and then use scissors to make slits from the edge of the page to the punch hole. It’s super easy.


I keep a Dashboard with sticky pads taped on it in my planner in case I need to add something to the weekly spread. And I bought MAMBI note paper for things like grocery lists. I just make my list and slide it into the MAMBI folder or put it on the rings.

Tell me what you think about this layout. I’ve already planned some fun spreads for December. I’m especially excited about a Rudolph theme  I’ll be doing. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week.

Stay Blessed,




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