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Birchbox & Ipsy Bag Reviews-October 2016 (Late)


This month’s review is super late. My Birchbox got lost in the mail, and I didn’t realize I hadn’t received it for two weeks. I had to contact customer service and get a new box sent. Everything worked out and customer service was excellent. So here’s a quick review.


*Death Valley dry shampoo. Full-size $17-$29

*Cynthia Rowley black eyeliner. Full-size $16

*Dr. Brandt Pores No More. Full-size $36

*Marcelle Xtension Plus Curl mascara. Full-size $14

*Real Chemistry 3-minute peel. Full-size $48

This month’s Birchbox is very basic and not in a bad way. These are great items that I use and enjoy when I receive them. So, it’s great to get them again. Also, I only pay $10 a month for my Birchbox and $10 for my Ipsy bag. Great value.


The October Ipsy bag is so darn cute. It’s pink which has replaced red as my new favorite color. The witch. The black cat. The fangs. Oh, how I love it. Ipsy has really had some amazing bags this year.


Here’s the promo card that came with the bag. Adorable and spooky. As you can see, I’m a big Halloween fan.


Inside the bag: a Balm sample of eyeshadow/blush. These samples are great to toss in your makeup bag or keep at work for those days you wake up late and need to do your makeup on the fly. I also received this pink Lottie London eyeshadow brush. You can never have too many eyeshadow brushes.


I received yet another felt black eyeliner. I just can’t make these work, and I want to do winged eyes so badly. If anyone has any tips, please let me know.


Sally’s Box Aqua Moist gel cream is a serum loaded with aloe vera and chamomile. It feels amazing on my face.


Check out the case of this Teeez Cosmetics lipstick. I’m speechless. Gorgeous. Fabulous. I…I…love it!!!


And the color is so pretty. The texture is creamy. The scent is yummy. It’s just perfect. The packaging is so stunning that I had to find the company on the internet. Here’s the link Teeez Cosmetics. Click at your own risk.

Now, I’ve got to go play with my makeup.

Stay Blessed,





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