Mason Jars Storage Ideas

What do you do when you only need half a box of pasta or a portion of a bag of beans? Most people just cook all of it and then the food goes to waste. I’ve got a way for you to cook only the amount you need and store the rest for another time.


Mason jars. I love me some mason jars. They’re inexpensive and can be used for everything from drinking to storage.


Instead of trying to store an open bag of brown rice, I pour it into a mason jar where it will stay fresh until needed. The same with navy beans.


The neat thing is you can store products like this Cajun 15 bean soup and pop the seasoning in the jar as well. Mason jars can be found just about anywhere for well under two dollars. I purchased the labels at the Dollar Tree.


The one thing that I detest about mason jars are the lids. One or two washings and they start to rust in my experience. This is because this lids are designed for canning not frequent use. Since I don’t like rust anywhere near my food, I store the original lids in storage bag just in case I need them and…


I purchase reusable plastic lids. I can use these and wash them worry free. I really like them if I use a mason jar to store something with liquid like beets or pickles.


I also like the shaker tops, especially for herbs or small nuts.


I adore how neat and organized these mason jars make my kitchen look. You can store them in a cabinet, on a counter, or a shelf. Easy, convenient, and budget friendly.

Stay blessed,






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  1. mylifeasishan says:

    great idea


    1. It keeps everything nice and organized. Let me know if you try it.


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