Happy Planner, Smashbook & Vision Book Mega Haul


We’re approaching the last few months of the year. It’s time to start making plans for 2017. One of my biggest goals is to instill positivity in all aspects of my life. I took a stumble in 2016 due to an illness and surgery. I’m on the road to recovery and ready to pursue my goals. To stay inspired and organized, I plan to use a Happy Planner, a vision book, a healthy eating and exercise planner, and my Smash book.

The Happy Planner is made by MAMBI aka Me & My Big Ideas. This is a fully customizable planner that you can decorate and set up to fit your needs. It features positive quotes and inspirational sayings. I purchased my classic size Happy Planner at Michael’s. It was $29.99, but I  got it for half price by using a 50% off coupon.


I will go in-depth when I set up my Happy Planer in another blog, but there are lots of add-ons and accessories for the planner. This is a set I purchased that includes a decorative bookmark, adhesive stickers, note paper, sticky notes, and folders. It’s $9.99 but Michael’s had a BOGO sale…buy one get one 50% off.


I bought a book of Recollections stickers. Recollections is a prominent planner and scrapbooking brand. I like many of their items just as much as MAMBI products. A lot of times, Recollections is cheaper. I also got a set of  MAMBI dividers which include stickers as well. These were $4.99 a piece and were part of the BOGO store sale.


More sticky notes, positive quote stickers, and washi tape rolls which are used to decorate pages.


Many people make a vision board where they feature pictures of dreams and goals. It’s becoming more and more common to use a book instead of poster board. I fell in love with this scrapbook by Recollections. The pages are gorgeous and it’s full of positive quotes.


The scrapbook came loaded with stickers and I only paid six bucks for it at Michael’s. Michael’s has great sales.


Target is a great place to find accessories for planners. Their Dollar spot is packed with gel pens, notepads, washi tape, and adhesive page tabs. They’re all one buck. They even have matching folders and binders that cost $3.


Another great place to get supplies is Meijer’s. They have a dollar section as well. It’s stocked with lots of craft goods. I picked up a magenta color binder to set up an exercise/meal planning book. It will include healthy recipes and my fitness training schedule.


So I have the Happy Planner, the vision book, the exercise & meal planning book, and finally, I’m going to complete my Smash book ( it’s similar to a scrapbook) next year. I started the Smashbook nearly two years ago, and I’ve only completed a few pages like the one above.


My favorite place to collect supplies for my projects is the Dollar Tree. I found this beautiful picture. I can buy a nicer frame and put it on a wall or I use the photo in my vision book.


I picked up some calendar and memo pad sets. I plan to put them in my vision book and health book to make it easy to track the dates as I plan and build the books. The hook and loop fasteners and double sided tape will come in handy. I also have a glue gun and glue sticks to add pictures or cut-outs from magazines.



These are just some of the stickers, washi tape, peel off letters, and other stuff I’ve purchased. Most of it, I got on sale or for a dollar. The Dollar Tree is where I get most of my supplies but basically, if I see something cute I can use, I buy it for future use.


I store my supplies in these snap plastic envelopes. You get three for one buck at the Dollar Tree.


I originally planned to store my washi tape in this three drawer acrylic organizer.


However, I made another trip to the Dollar Tree and purchased more washi tape. So I bought a plastic carrier to store the washi tape inside. I have some other ideas of how to store my growing washi tape collection that I will put into action later and share it with you.


Decorative clothes pins, self-adhesive gems, and note cards are stored in an acrylic unit. I can see everything which means I’ll use the supplies.


Bigger supplies go in a large plastic carrying case.


Keeps everything locked in. I bought this at Meijer’s for less than ten dollars.


I’d suggest taking a couple of weeks to collect your supplies. I had a good deal of items before I decided to increase my collection. I focused on the colors I planned to use for my planners and books. By sticking to sales and using coupons, you can stock up quickly and cheaply.

Now that I have most of what I need, I’m going to start creating and decorating my planners and scrapbooks. Those blogs will be coming soon.

Stay Blessed,

Barbie Flannigan




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