Mega Haul-Old Town Pottery, Ollie’s & the Dollar Tree…

I do most of my clothing shopping online. So when I step into a store, I’m looking for something for the household, and I’m looking for a great bargain. I found quite a few this week and they were hiding where you’d never expect them.

First stop…Old Town Pottery.


That’s where I found this Hell’s Kitchen oven mitt and pot holder set in candy apple red which matches my kitchen. Great quality and the price is $7.99.


I’m always looking for bowls and plates to present food for the blog. I’ve learned white is the best color, and the texture on the side of the bowl is unique. It is $1.99.


You won’t believe this. These miniature bowls are just .59 a piece. They’re great for hummus, dipping sauce or salsa. By using this bowls, I’m forced to limit my portion size so I don’t overeat.


I’m obsessed with drinking glasses, so when I saw these at OTP, I had to get them. They’re heavy and they’re superb quality. Less than two bucks a piece.



I use stemless wine glasses for everything except alcohol. Orange juice, tea, water. These are my go-to glasses. I broke a couple of them a few weeks ago, so I purchased a two new ones. They are about $1.50.



I’ve been on a mason jar kick for a while. They can be used for anything. These are great because OTP has them in two sizes. I’ve got something planned for the jars. Don’t worry, I’ll reveal all in an upcoming blog.

I bought some stickers for my Smashbook (scrapbooking). They are around $1.50 each.


I bought four of these large window stickers to put in my windows during the Christmas season. They were a quarter a piece. Cheap and cute:)


This glamorous shoe picture matches the pink and blue decor of my bedroom. Plus, I just had to buy it since it was 75% off, making it only $1.25.


The next haul took place at Ollie’s which is similar to a Big Lots store. This is where I get a lot of my name brand snacks.


Yummy. Need I say more.


Snyder’s butter pretzels and Starkist Tuna salad with crackers kits are two of my favorite snacks. I get them for a little over a dollar at discount stores like Ollie’s. When buying food from these type of stores, please check the expiration date. The three items pictured above expire in December. I only purchase the amount I think I can eat before the food expires.



A huge bag of individually wrapped M&M’s packets. Only $2.29. Perfect for the little trick or treaters.



I’m addicted to hot chocolate.  I mix the Indulgio cocoa with Land O’Lakes flavored cocoa packets. Trust me, it makes the perfect cup of cocoa. For about a year, I’ve only been able to find the Indulgio milk chocolate flavor, but on this day…chocolate almond was there. My favorite!


This is part of my secret to super white teeth. Crest Glamorous White toothpaste. The key is to get the packaging that says removes up to 90% of surface stains. You don’t want the one that says 80% unless you get desperate like I did a few weeks ago. Ollie’s had two tubes of the miracle toothpaste for $5.89. Totally worth it.


I also found a huge 12.5 pound of Iams dog food for just $12.99. There were some coupons attached to the bag, but I guess Ollie’s doesn’t let you use manufacturer coupons at least that’s what the cashier told me. *rolls eyes*


I purchased two Mohawk accent mats for $1.99 each. I like to use these mats under my dog’s food and water dishes and at my doorways. They add a pop of color around the house as well.


Speaking of mats, I generally change out my outside door mats once a year. I get them from OTP for less than ten bucks. This one was on sale for $7.99. (I have a thing for owls and frogs.)


I found this roll of gold sequins in the Christmas area.  It’ll be used in some Smashbook projects as well. I only paid 79 cents.

The last stop…was the Dollar Tree. (By the way, I purchased these items over several days and several trips. You have to be diligent when looking for a bargain.)


I going to make my own planners this year and per Youtubers, the Dollar Tree is ground zero for collecting supplies. These neon chemise/plastic file folders can be used as dividers, decorating the planner, or even made into the cover of the planner.


Here are some more cool chemise file folders. Lots of cool uses and they only cost a dollar. I’ll show you how I use them in upcoming blogs.


I always keep plastic cutlery around to use for dipping into containers such as butter or peanut butter. I just toss them out when I’m done and it’s one less dirty dish. Super cheap at the Dollar Tree.



…more candy. Heck, it’s the Halloween season. I got a couple of bags of this Fun Mix candy for a buck. It’s got everything a kid or adult could want. Soft, sweet, and sour candy. I test tasted a few and they are deelish.

That’s it for this haul. I hope you get a chance to buy some of these goodies. Let me know if you do.

Stay Blessed,





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