Dollar Tree Bargain Basement Haul

I love to bargain shop. Recently, I discovered some Youtube videos featuring hauls from the Dollar Tree. I like the Dollar Tree because unlike Family Dollar or the Dollar General, the Dollar Tree items only cost a dollar.


Let’s start with snacks. Herr’s potato chips, Tropical plantain chips, Oreo cookies, York peppermint patties, and Lance peanut butter crackers. My best find was a Snyder’s package of mini pretzels. You get eight bags for one dollar.


I went to two different Dollar Tree stores over a period of ten days. I think I made about four trips in all.  I bought some things twice after getting home and tasting them. I fell in love with Lance peanut butter crackers and bought more on my next trip. I also grabbed some Gravy Train treats for my dog.


I’m addicted to these packs of Starkist tuna. I’ll either empty the pack on a bed of lettuce or sometimes eat the tuna straight out of the packet.


Recently, I spotted these 8 oz bottles of Kraft salad dressing at the Dollar Tree. I picked up a few and they’re great to leave in refrigerator at work for lunch. I crave ice tea, so I always grab a few bottles of Nestea while shopping. Also, I purchased some tuna salad and crackers packets. They’re great for a quick snack at home, work or to eat while running around town doing errands.



One of the Dollar Tree stores I visited had a refrigerated section and I found these Luigi’s cherry Italian ice cups. You get four cups for a dollar. Yummy. More tea and water.


Stock up on candy. Need I say more.


More candy….


B12 energy shots are just a dollar, so are Halls.


Tooth cleaners for my braces, a pill box, and Purcell wipes for my purse. I tried the tube of Dermasil night face cream and I love it. Far better than most of the other expensive creams I’ve purchased.


I go through toothpaste and toothbrushes quickly due to my braces. It’s nice to be able to get some of my favorite brands for just a dollar.


Shuga Soapworks is an all natural soap that usually sells for five or six dollars. It’s soothing to sensitive skin and costs just a buck at you know where. I was instructed to shower with Dial antibacterial soap on the day of my surgery. I’ve been using mostly natural soaps for years and I was apprehensive about use to Dial soap due to my sensitive skin. Now, I’ve incorporated it into my showering routine, using it several times a week to prevent rashes and other skin conditions.

These car deodorants actually smell great and you get six in a pack. It’s a far better value than the ones I get from Bath and Body which costs more and don’t last. Winter is coming and that means it’s time to stock up on Kleenex.


Scented garbage bags and some shelf liners which I ‘ll actually use to keep my rugs from moving on the floor.


I picked up this Glade air freshener because I was told it’s great to put in your closet. However, I saw some Glade air fresheners at a few other stores for ten to fifteen cents less, so the Dollar Tree was not the best bargain for this purchase.


I’ve been using a vinegar, bleach, and water mixture for cleaning around the house. It’s seems to be working better and is far cheaper than the myriad of name brand cleaners I’ve previously used. Picked up a spray bottle, Clorox bleach and vinegar…for a dollar each.

Now on to the fun stuff.




I bought loads of Halloween decorations and I wasn’t alone. Quite of few of us Halloween lovers had fun picking out goodies.


I got this composition book for jotting down ideas and a pen holder. It  will be used to hold the gel pens I use while coloring a picture in my adult coloring books.


I like to pick up paper plates to use when I’m having a quick snack. Of course, they’re only dollar but you just have to ignore the cartoons.


If you like to scrapbook or have a Smashbook, don’t sleep on the Dollar Tree. It has lots of stickers and supplies you can use in your book.


I’ll be doing a blog soon on my Smashbook and how to get children started scrapbooking as well.


I have a thing about glass, so I thought these were cute to have for tea.

sam_0908 I spotted these glasses and picked up four of them. I’m going to use them for my hot chocolate which I drink nearly every day.




I was lucky enough to find these bottles which match my kitchen. They generally cost four bucks on up at most stores. I’m researching for ways to decorate them on Youtube.

So this was my Dollar Tree haul. I was extremely pleased with my purchases and shopping for the items was fun. Plus, there were lots of name brand items. Just a word of warning, always check the expiration date of food products to make sure it hasn’t expired. That’s a small hassle in return for the large savings.

Stay Blessed






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