Cleaning & Organizing My Beauty Collection

I own an embarrassing amount of makeup and skin products. Add to that, the new products I receive every month in my subscription boxes and anything I happen to buy in the store, and I end up with a plethora of products piling up and gathering dust.


Lately, I’ve been leaving my Ipsy products in their bags and tossing my Birchbox items wherever they land. No real organization. I end up forgetting what I have and not using the items. The problem gets worse. Take a look at this.




I have several acrylic organizers that are cluttered and filthy.


I should be ashamed of myself. Oil and makeup on this acrylic unit.

Miscellaneous items on top and inside. Let’s peek inside. Since I start my makeup routine with my eyebrows and a coat of lip balm, this top drawer has items I use for eyes and lips. It’s sort of organized. LOL.

These middle drawers hold highlighters, eyeshadows, rarely used lipsticks, and a tube of old BB creme. In the last drawer, I store  several palettes. I love them but some are really old and need to be tossed. The jars that hold my makeup brushes need to be cleaned and so does my lipstick holder.

That’s colored face powder and my hair that’s found its way into the nook and crannies of the organizer. Yuck.

Once again, dirty inside and out. Let’s clean this mess.


The first step is to throw away the old products. I shed some tears over my GO palettes but they had to go. I wiped all of my items off with Lysol antibacterial wipes. Then, I cleaned my acrylic organizers with a vinegar, water, and dishwashing liquid mixture. It worked like magic.


Look at them sparkle. I don’t remember where I bought the top two organizers. They’re decent quality,  but not as good as my two Muji organizers. One is a two-drawer acrylic unit and the other (not pictured here) has five drawers. These organizers costs $28 and up, but they’re well worth the money.

I’ve ordered a new five-drawer Muji to replace the two smaller units with the silver knobs. Here’s a link to the website for Muji.  The five-drawer Muji is on sale for $10 down from $38 until October 16th. I may actually buy a second one since the price is so good.


We’ve got the first three drawers organized. Let’s look inside.


As I previously mentioned, I start my makeup routine with my eyes, so those items go in the top drawer: eyebrow items, a sharpener, razors, and eyeliners.


Next, we have cream eyeshadow, primer, concealer, and mascara.


Highlighters and bronzers in the next drawer. Some of these I’ve never used because I didn’t realize I had them.


The next three drawers are for overflow items.There will be lots more room when my new five-drawer Muji arrives.


Extra sharpeners, sample eyeshadows, and a palette


overflow lipsticks and lipliners


At the bottom of the tower, the two-drawer  Muji unit holds palettes.



I actually really love all of these palettes, but I forget to use them.


Here a few more in the last drawer. I plan to buy more palettes to replace the ones I tossed due to age.


Now let’s move to my five-drawer Muji organizer. These drawers aren’t as deep as the two-drawer unit.


The top drawer holds my Mac lipglasses, liners, a lipbrush, and all things lips go in this drawer.


Individual eyeshadows are stored in the next drawer.


More eyeshadow in the next drawer.



Commonly used blushes are in the next drawer.


My favorite palettes in the bottom drawer.sam_0614

I bought the Skinn palette on Hautelook for around $10. The eyeshadow colors are beautiful and the texture is silky and smooth. I’m going to pick up more of them when they return to Hautelook.



I put my lipstick holder and makeup brushes on top of the Muji unit. I turn my lipsticks upside down so I can see the labels and find the color I want easily. The makeup brushes are held in wide mouth containers you can find anywhere.


The blue glass accents came from The Dollar Tree for a buck a bag. I put them in a collander and washed them with the vinegar, water, and dishwashing liquid mixture.

I get a lot of hair products from Ipsy and Birchbox. I decided to store them in little blue plastic bins that I keep in the bathroom shelving unit along with my other hair products.


I’ll keep a travel sized shampoo and conditioner set in an Ipsy bag, ready to go for a trip or to take to the gym.


Instead of letting face products pile up in a drawer, I decided to put them in the medicine cabinet where I can see them daily as a reminder to use them.


I came across these baskets at the Dollar General . I think I got them for fifty cents a piece.


I hung them on the wall next to my shower, so I can easily reach in and grab a goodie.

Inside one basket, I keep the sample and trial size cleansers, masks, and moisturizers. Inside the second basket, I store shampoo and conditioner samples. It’s all right there in front of me and ready to use.


The top of a wicker chest I have in my bathroom is used for storage.


This wire basket holds my lipglosses and lip treatments that are in tubes.



More lipglosses

I get a lot of sample perfumes, cologne, and oils. I thought it would be a great idea to store them in this candy-apple colored Ipsy bag. I just reach in and grab the scent I want for the day.


I found a neat way to store my facial masks and bathing salts. I put them in a wicker basket so I can see what I have.


Finally, I use this spice rack to store my nail polishes. I purchased it on Amazon for eleven bucks. It looks good and holds loads of nail polishes. Since I get a lot of nail polishes in monthly makeup subscription services, I need a lot of storage. I can fit sixteen nail polishes on each shelf for a total of forty-eight.

I feel really good about my beauty collection now. Everything is where I can see it and use it easily. Best of all, I was able to organize  my items with relatively little expense. Do you have any makeup organizing tips? Please let me know in the comments.

Stay Blessed,



6 Comments Add yours

  1. MarcelleLuce says:

    You have a gorgeous makeup collection !


    1. Thank you. I love love love makeup:)


  2. helloagainsarah says:

    I totally get you with the overflowing stash with all these subscription box items on top of our own shopping! I have a problem too and recently been shopping more for storage bins!! But you did a good job cleaning up your stash!!


    1. It gets overwhelming but I love beauty products. I don’t like to store things away because I forget I have them. However, I’m starting to realize that I don’t need to use five moisturizers at once. I think I’ll follow your lead and store some items away as backups. Thanks for the tip.


  3. this is giving me so much inspiration to go through and do the same, my makeup and beauty products are everywhere!


    1. LOL. It’s so easy to lose control. The life of a makeup lover.


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