August Favorites

The month of August came and went quickly. I spent the month recovering from foot surgery at home, so I had plenty of time to try out new products. I came across some winners that I’ll share with you.



Stemulation micro-derm face and body  wash is a must-have. I received the scrub in my Summer fabfitfun box. I wash my face with the scrub every morning in the shower and my skin hasn’t looked this good in months. My face has a clean, healthy glow. No foundation required. It’s also a great cleanser for the body. The scrub costs $34. You can purchase it here Stemulation Skincare.


This month, I found myself making my Jason aloe vera lotion my “go to” body moisturizer. It’s great because it’s 70% aloe vera and soothes dry skin while healing dark spots and scars. Unlike a heavy body butter, this lotion is lightweight and perfect for the summer months. You can purchase the lotion at most health food stores. I buy mine from for $6.70.



I adore this Smith & Cult nail lacquer in the color, She Said Yeah. It’s an opaque, muted periwinkle shade that stays on your nails forever. It costs $18 and you can get it at Smith & Cult Cosmetics.


I relied heavily on my Aveda Chakra 2 body mist to keep me calm. Dealing with doctors, pain, and just everyday life left me a little rattled this month. I’d spritz myself throughout the day and let the aroma relax me. At night, I used Aura Cacia’s Lavender room and body mist on my sheets and room to create a serene and calming atmosphere. You can get the lavender mist at most stores for around $7. The Aveda Chakra 2 is available at Aveda or Nordstrom for 30 bucks.


Here’s an oldie but goodie that I found myself using daily in August. This Dr. Woods Raw Black Soap with Shea Butter can be used for everything. You can wash your hair, face, and body with it. I even use it to clean the bathtub since it’s all natural and doesn’t have chemicals. The neat thing about this soap is that it moisturizes your skin and fades dark spots. I purchase 32 fl oz for $10.99 at


I had to have some comfort food this month…oh heck for the last couple of months. My excuse was I had surgery. So I drowned my sorrows in ice cream. Breyer’s Oreo was the flavor of the month. I also had several Sonic and Steak & Shake Oreo shakes. I guess I had a few from Dairy Queen and United Dairy Farmers as well. I was bad but it was oh so good. LOL.


My drink of the month was Arizona’s Arnold Palmer Half & Half Iced Tea & Lemonade. I rarely drink soda. Iced tea and lemonade are my kind of drinks, so the combination of both is pefection. This is some good stuff.


Lastly, I had plenty of time to sit around and watch TV while waiting for my foot to heal. I’d run out of things on Netflix to watch when I discovered Wentworth Prison. I was blown away by this show. So much so that I watched all four seasons twice. I told you I had plenty of time.

Well, that’s a list of my favorites for the month of August. I’ll see you soon.

Stay Blessed,


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