How to have a Luxury Spa Day at Home

Work. Children. Finances. We’re constantly facing challenges and this leads to stress. Sometimes you need to pamper yourself…relax and chill out with a spa day. I’ve got some tips on how to do this on a budget and at home.


Start with a long hot bath filled with soothing salts and a bath gel.


Village Naturals Therapy is my favorite. It has juniper, orange, and menthol in it. I’ve used this brand of bath salts for years. You can find it at numerous grocery and drug stores, selling for less than a $1.50.


For total relaxation, I use Bath & Body Work’s Stress Relief Eucalyptus Body Wash. This along with the bath salts release a pleasing aroma and melt the tension from your muscles. I use the body lotion or body cream once I’m done bathing to lock the scent onto my skin.


Spas use aromatherapy to remove tension, and a big part of that is the scent of essential oils. I light a Bath & Body Works’ Eucalyptus Spearmint Stress Relief candle during my spa treatment to help create an atmosphere of serenity. This is one of BBW’s best candles.  I always keep at least two in the house.


While relaxing in the tub, why not do a facial? Some of my favorite face masks are made by 7th Heaven. I adore the coconut, chocolate, and passion fruit masks. They’re rich, creamy, and hydrate the skin. Plus, they sell for less than two bucks at most stores.


Global Beauty Care Collagen masks is another inexpensive brand that does wonders for your skin. I find these masks in Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

The following are some high-quality items that I purchase off the website Hautelook. There are new items featured every day on the site. The products in this blog are popular and available on Hautelook at least once a month.



Mediheal is a Korean company that makes wonderful masks and skin treatments. These are dirt cheap for less than two dollars.


I also like these lip masks. They’re soothing and relieve dry skin on the lips.


My favorite things to buy from Hautelook are Martinni beauty masks. I can usually get them for anywhere between $15 to $20 a piece. These are high-end masks that can be very expensive.


This is a Caffeine mask. There are two parts that unfold. One goes over the top portion of your face and the other goes on the bottom. Since these are professional-use masks, the results are amazing.


I always pick up this Spalife set when it shows up on Hautelook. It’s great for at-home spa days and for gifts.


For fifteen bucks, you get five products, including a full-size package of makeup wipes.


Two fabulous face wraps:cucumber and aloe vera; and avocado and vitamin E.



The hands get special  treatment with gloves packed with moisturizing cream. This is pure heaven.


The foot masks leave my feet feeling soft and smooth. Believe me, these foot masks are luxurious.

I wrap up every at-home spa day by spritzing myself with Aveda’s Chakra 2. You can purchase it from Aveda or Nordstrom for $30. Simply choose the scent that soothes your spirit ….and spray to relax. I guarantee it will work.

I like to keep all of these products handy just in case I need an at-home spa day. A good soak in the bathtub; face, hands and foot masks; and incredible aromas floating through the air…all in the peace and tranquility of my own home.  Do you have any at home spa tips or products that you’d like to share? Please let me know in the comments.

Stay Blessed,


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