Herb Growing Challenge–How Green Is My Thumb? UPDATE

I gave it my best shot but my herb garden never grew. I left it inside for two weeks and nothing sprouted. So I moved it outside and added soil.



I was hoping this little green here was a herb sprout. No. Just a weed in the soil. My experiment was a bust.:(






I received this kitchen Herb Garden Kit in my spring FabFitFun subscription box. I’ve had it sitting around the house for several months now. Anxious, yet slightly nervous about growing an herb garden.

I’ve always liked getting my hands dirty. As a youngster, I helped my grandfather plant a backyard garden every year. Fresh tomatoes, green peppers, and scallions would grow thanks to the help of my green thumb. As I grew older, planting flowers became my passion. Creating baskets bursting with hanging petunias, potting beautiful begonias, and pampering jade plants are my areas of expertise. However, I  can’t seem to grow  veggies or herbs from seeds. Every year either my herbs never sprout or I kill the vegetable plants I bought from the store.


I decided I’d challenge myself and put an end to my vegetation killing streak. This DIY Herb Garden kit has everything needed for me to reach my goal.


The kit includes three bags of growing medium.


Three packets of seeds for: basil, thyme and mint.



Pour the growing medium in the three sections of the container which are lined with plastic.


Shake the appropriate seeds in each section and fill with the remaining growing medium. The name stickers come off the packets, so you can mark each section. Add just enough water to keep the soil damp…not wet. (Note to self: Don’t over water the herbs.)


Set the kit on a windowsill or a counter where it will get plenty of sunlight. In about a week, something should start sprouting. Stay tuned for an update. Wish me luck.

By the way, the Makerskit Kitchen Garden Herb Garden is $35 dollars.  Check out their organic bath bombs, air plants, and sand terrariums at Makerskit.

Stay Blessed,


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    1. Thanks. We’ll see how it goes.

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