Ooops! I Did It Again. Bath & Body Works Sale Part Deux



I just had to go back for more. I received word that different BBW stores received different inventory. After my first trip, I realized that I wanted more candles and more ….well more everything. I went in with a strict budget and pulled up my $10 off $40 coupon on …ready for the deals.



I decided to pick up the rest of the Freesia collection since I got the body cream on my first trip. I’ve loved Freesia for years and it’s a retired scent so when BBW brings it out, I have to buy it. I also bought the shower gel for Be Joyful to match the body cream I bought previously. I bought all three for under $3 a piece. The regular prices were $12.50 for the shower gels and $14.00 for the body spray.


I picked up a miniature Beautiful Day body mist. I absolutely love these body mists. I have several full-size ones that I use during the summer in place of perfumes. I also keep the small ones in my purse, car, and around the house to spritz myself for a quick pick me up.  I also got a travel size Be Joyful hand lotion. The body mist and lotion were $1 and some change. I found some more hand sanitizers. There were just a few left in the bin, but several were testers so I ended up with just one. It was 34 cents. Ugh. I wish they had more.


I found some more wallflower refills, so I grabbed four at around $1.26 each.


Here’s the big catch…more candles and dirt cheap. The three wick candles were $4.36. Unbelievable! These candles are $22 full-price. I got the smaller candles for less than $2 each. They’re normally $10.

I spent a total of $37.28 on 17 items. The savings was $140.47. Now I feel stocked up…that is until the next big sale. Bath & Body Works is an addictive and expensive habit, but you can save a ton by using the coupons and catching the sales.

Stay Blessed,




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