April’s Birchbox & Ipsy Reviews


April’s Birchbox and Ipsy bags. Let’s take a moment to look at them. Beautiful. Great Spring colors and designs. Gorgeous. 🙂


Let’s start with Birchbox. The box, the welcome card and the coupon all matched, showcasing a floral design with muted colors. Great presentation.


Every month, Birchbox  and Ipsy allow you to take a sneak peek at the products you’ll receive. Lately, I’ve chosen to be surprised. It’s nice to get a package and open it not knowing what’s inside.


This is a dry conditioner by Amika. Interesting. I’ll give a shot. $24.


I could have done without this sampler of lipstick, blush and eyeshadow. It’s even smaller than it looks and not worth the effort of trying to use it. The full-size Au Naturale palette is $42.


I can’t wait to test this Briogeo deep conditioning mask. It has avocado in it which heals damaged hair. Full-size $26


I adore Derma E  face products. They can be pricey so I was happy to receive this charcoal mask. Derma E is natural, vegan free and works fabulously. $19.50


I saw a commercial for this Marcelle toner and makeup and have been wanting to give it a try. $21


This color splashed makeup bag is perfect for the summer. Just put your makeup in it and toss it in your purse or totebag.


I enjoy getting free makeup brushes. This one is from Luxie and it’s  great for highlighting your face.


Ipsy added a Color City  highlighter palette to use with the brush.



One of the great things about receiving these subscription boxes is I receive lots of skincare items. I’m a product junkie, so I’m all for trying new things like this anti-aging serum.



I received a bottle of gray nail polish. I’ve already used it and it looks great on my toes.


Lastly, Ipsy sent a Tarte lip crème pencil. This product is deep pinkish-red hue and very moisturizing.

Overall, April’s Birchbox and Ipsy bag were a hit. I can use most of the products and the colors will work well during the Spring and Summer.

Stay blessed,






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