Write Away 2016

feather pens


2016 is here and with God’s blessing, it will be a wonderfully productive year. Like most people, I’ve made several New Year’s resolutions: lose weight, strengthen my relationship with God, self-development, and travel. The list goes on. I’m pumped up and ready to reach my goals. One of the best ways to monitor my goals is to write in a journal.

I’ve written in journals since I was sixteen. Some years I wrote faithfully everyday while other years I only jotted down landmark events in my life. I’ve enjoyed looking back through my journals and remembering the good times and learning from the bad ones. One thing I’ve learned is that you have to be motivated to write in your journal. Choose a journal that appeals to you and add stickers to your journal pages. Use colorful pens that fit your mood. Make the process special to you.

Here are some journals I spotted at Barnes and Nobles.


These are great if you like to keep your thoughts private.


I love the rustic look of these journals.


In addition to my journal, I prefer to use colorful agenda books. I like to write down appointments and tasks or I’ll forget.


There are lots of choices to fit your needs. The important thing is to enjoy your journey through 2016…and write about it.

Stay Blessed,








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